Newtown's Mini Golf Bar Holey Moley Takes It to the Next Level

 - Jun 12, 2018
Holey Moley proves that exciting mini golf bars are not just a thing of the past. Featuring 18 holes of the "craziest" course, the venue is located in Newtown, Australia. The decor of the space instills a wondrous universe that engulfs guests with its engaging and creative thematic.

At the mini golf bar, each hole has its own unmistakable style. From DIY-style quirky machines that propel the ball into motion and shark-infested waters to Pacman-style labyrinths and clever pop culture references, the neon-lit space of Holey Moley offers patrons the opportunity to socialize, compete, drink and eat.

The establishment boasts the slogan "Like Golf But Fun" and is an ideal space for a first date or a team-building exercise. In addition, the unconventional mini golf bar also offers up a karaoke experience.