- Mar 4, 2019
A drinks pop-up experience is ideal to promote a product or increase the value of a business.

For its 70th anniversary, beloved brand NESTLÉ organized a temporary experience in Los Angeles that allowed guests to sample the company's latest ready-to-drink products. The marketing initative also offered access to gourmet-inspired beverages as the drinks pop-up employed the expertise of Chef Jordan Andino.

An instance of a value increase is present in Moschino and Ritz Carlton's collaborative, high-end temporary experience at the hotel's Cafe 103, where guests could enjoy premium teas and artificially crafted treats.

There are, of course, drinks pop-ups that take marketing to a different level by crossing services. Taco Bell, for example, promoted its new Baja Blast in Canada via a mobile hair salon which offered participants the opportunity for a new hairdo with an extravagant color.

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