- Jan 10, 2019
These lavish travel innovations speak to consumers' growing desire for curated and memorable experiences abroad. Standouts include Basalt Architects' Blue Lagoon resort in Iceland which is located in the heart of the UNESCO Global Geopark. The resort is home to a variety of relaxing amenities and health and wellness-focused travel packages and is situated between natural lava formations.

Other notable examples include Moschino and Ritz Carlton Hong Kong's collaborative high tea service -- offered in the luxury hotel's fashionable Cafe 103 location -- along with the luxe and urban glamping experience that is offered on the rooftop of Chicago's chic Gwen Hotel.

Other notable examples of lavish travel experiences include Golden Eagle Luxury Trains' 'Best of Britain Steam Tour,' a 14-day journey that offers premium amenities to those on board and 63 Wall Street's hidden speakeasy which is a space exclusive to residents living in the New York hotel.

From Luxury Steam Engine Tours to Premium Night Bus Services: