The Airlander Vessel Features a Large Cabin For Luxe Adventurers

 - Jul 21, 2018
References: cnet & luxurylaunches
Hybrid Air Vehicles and Airlander first acquired its massive airship for the US Army in 2016, but the vessel is only finally being readied for flight with expansive accommodations crafted by Design Q. Built to accommodate 18 passengers, this cabin takes an incredible spin on airport luxury and modifies the 150ft-long cabin into a completely private use space. The Airlander itself measures in at a staggering 302ft long, 143ft wide and 85ft tall and was designed in its luxe fashion to help people rethink the skies and how we travel.

Stepping foot inside the Airlander cabin immediately pulls passengers into a mesmerizing world as large glass windows offer expansive views from the skies. These windows are even featured on some parts of the floor to show the world underneath. Living quarters and shared spaces all feature luxury amenities as the ship embarks on three-day adventures.