- Jan 10, 2019
These in-flight amenities include airline-specific craft beers and farm-to-table airline meals that aim to elevate one's travel experience. Some ultra luxe experiences to note include Cathay Pacific's offering of six gourmet meal options and Air Canada's Signature Service which includes private beds and an essential oil selection that enhances sleep. Virgin Atlantic's recent in-flight tea service announcement is another standout and mimics themed tea services made popular by world-class hotels.

When it comes to in-flight entertainment, examples to note include Emirates' vast film library which includes over 1000 titles and Virgin Australia's in-flight meditation programs that aim to relax and center nervous fliers or those looking to unwind mid-trip.

Fairfield Farms' Honey, Butter & Sea Salt Crisps flavor -- created exclusively for Virgin Atlantic -- and Lufthansa's Oktoberfest Beer-On-Board offering round off this list and speak to travelers' increasing need for unique amenities that make any flight a more premium experience.

From In-Flight Craft Beers to Farm-to-Table Airline Meals: