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Offering a broader scope of what’s happening in different regions around the globe, Trend Hunter’s world category takes you on a global adventure examining all the latest developments in consumer travel, hip hotels and cultural innovations.
Adjustable Luggage Cubes
Adjustable Luggage Cubes
The Bluffworks 'BluffCube' Smarter Compression Packing Cube is Clever
Packing cubes are a mainstay accessory for many travelers but are often plagued with different problems that can prevent them from actually being useful when on the road, so the Bluffworks ‘... MORE
Reef Restoration Projects
Reef Restoration Projects
Objects and Ideograms Develops a 3D-Printed Calcium Carbonate Solution
Due to the rapidly worsening environmental conditions, caused predominantly by human industrial activity, the richness of ocean life is severely depleting and fish habitats are being destroyed—in... MORE
Colorful Street Art Installations
Colorful Street Art Installations
Camille Walala's Artwork Adorns Two Pedestrian Crossings
The colorful street art installations that emphasize a vibrancy in character in London’s White City district carry the stylistic sensibility of designer Camille Walala. While two of the pieces... MORE
Reusable Takeout Container Programs
Reusable Takeout Container Programs
Wisebox is an Eco-Conscious Alternative to Regular Containers
A new reusable takeout container program launched in Toronto on February 21st, 2020. The initiative is focused on creating a zero-waste future for the dynamic city’s restaurant industry.... MORE
Globally Inspired Decor Boxes
Globally Inspired Decor Boxes
IKEA's Vacations in a Box Feature Items Curated by Destination
Travel lovers are getting eager to see the world again but many are still holding off due to the current state of the travel industry and restrictions—but IKEA hopes to satisfy wanderlust with its... MORE
Artisanal Beauty Hotels
Artisanal Beauty Hotels
The Maker Hotel is a New Hotel in Hudson from the Creators of Fresh Beauty
The Maker Hotel is a new hotel in Hudson, New York from the co-founders of beauty brand Fresh and it offers a unique way fo guests to experience the brand’s products and the local community.... MORE
Travel-Inspired Ice Creams
Travel-Inspired Ice Creams
Marco Sweets & Spices Boasts a Line of Cultural Ice Cream Flavors
For culinary enthusiasts and those who are eager to explore a diverse world of unexpected flavors, the cultural ice cream range by Marco Sweets & Spices is sure to capture attention. The iced... MORE
City-Themed Experiential Pop-Ups
City-Themed Experiential Pop-Ups
JAMNOLA Explores What Makes New Orleans So Special
JAMNOLA is New Orleans’ first experiential pop-up and it is full of interactive exhibits that invite guests to discover what makes the city special. The experience for all ages boasts giant... MORE
In-Flight Presentation
Airlines embrace creativity and elegance when serving meals to passengers
Trend - In a bid to elevate the in-flight experience and delight passengers during long and exhausting flights, airlines are experimenting with in-flight meal presentations. Whether it be through design, sustainability or for the sake of comfort, the service becomes more enriched than its predecessor.
Workshop Question - What alternative presentations can you offer for your product or service?
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
From Social Distancing Murals to Drive-Thru Medical Clinics
The August 2020 lifestyle trends show how the consumer experience is revamped to include sustainability, convenience, and wellness. From the Hamama Microgreens Kit that helps individuals start their... MORE
Adjustable Waterproof Travel Cases
Adjustable Waterproof Travel Cases
The Nanuk 935 Hard Case Has an Ultra-Durable Design
The Nanuk 935 Hard Case is a customization-friendly travel solution for travelers who need a better way to carry delicate essentials with them when heading out on a trip. The suitcase is approved by... MORE
Kente Craftsmanship-Celebrating Bags
Kente Craftsmanship-Celebrating Bags
A Kind of Guise Rounds Its SS 2020 Line with Three Beach Bags
The Spring/Summer 2020 fashion capsule by A Kind of Guise recognizes the heritage and uniqueness of Kente craftsmanship. After launching a seasonal lookbook that references Kumasi markets and after... MORE
Online Wedding Services
Online Wedding Services
Kenya Launched an Online Marriage Service to Maintain Social Distancing
Kenya created an online marriage service at Sheria House, which will eliminate the need for human contact during the pandemic. The online marriage service was created as a response to social... MORE
Scenic Sub-Orbital Flights
Scenic Sub-Orbital Flights
Seymourpowell and Virgin Galactic Reveal the Design of SpaceshipTwo
Virgin Galactic and its partner, London-based studio Seymourpowell, have revealed the interior design of SpaceshipTwo—a craft meant for a sub-orbital flight. Officially dubbed the ‘Virgin... MORE
Fully Customizable Luggage Collections
Fully Customizable Luggage Collections
Roam Introduces New Colorways for Its Chic Travel LIne
ROAM’s fully customizable luggage collection ensures that consumers can express their personal style when traveling—from the choice of color to the decision about the hardware of the case.... MORE
play_circle_filled One-Year Residency Certificates
One-Year Residency Certificates
Bermuda Opens its Doors for Travellers Working-From-Home
The Bermuda government recently launched a One-Year Residential Certificate for individuals looking to work or study remotely on the island. Visitors must be at least 18 years old, have health... MORE
Digital Nomad Visas
Digital Nomad Visas
Estonia Welcomes Remote Workers to Quarantine Inside Its Borders
The government of Estonia has announced an amendment to its Alien Act, allow all remote workers to stay inside the country’s borders for up to a year. The new initiative appropriately dubbed... MORE
Year-Long Remote Worker Stays
Year-Long Remote Worker Stays
Barbados Offers One Year Visa for Remote Workers
Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley recently announced that the Bajan government is launching a 12-month program under the branding of the Barbados Welcome Stamp to allow visitors to work remotely for... MORE
Bacteria-Repelling Travel Bags
Bacteria-Repelling Travel Bags
The Nano-Bag Offers a Layer of Bacteriostatic Nano Protection
Beyond face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers, travelers are looking for more ways to protect themselves as they enter heavily trafficked areas and high-touch surfaces—and Samsara Luggage is... MORE
Travel-Friendly Pocket-Sized Palette
Travel-Friendly Pocket-Sized Palette
Beauty Bakerie's Brownie Bar is Practical and Durable
The Brownie Bar is a pocket-sized palette for all skin types by Beauty Bakerie. Focusing on inclusivity, the product “serves up three new, universal shades of Contour, Bronzer, and Highlighter.&... MORE
Next-Generation Space Suits
Next-Generation Space Suits
NASA is Employing Generative Design Algorithms to Enhance Performance
NASA’s next-generation space suit is projected to “be worn by astronauts when they return to the moon in 2024 as part of the agency’s plan to establish a permanent human presence... MORE
Virtual Olympian Events
Virtual Olympian Events
Airbnb, IOC & IPC are Hosting a Virtual Olympics-Inspired Event
Even though the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until next year, sports lovers can look forward to a new five-day virtual Olympics festival from Airbnb that captures the spirit of the... MORE
play_circle_filled Raw Silk Travel Towels
Raw Silk Travel Towels
The SHIN JARDBO is Highly Functional, Biodegradable and Hypoallergenic
The SHIN JARDBO travel towel is made from 100% Raw Silk—a completely natural material as functional as the most advanced synthetic materials, yet much more beneficial for humans and nature.... MORE
Remote Worker Visas
Remote Worker Visas
Portugal is Allowing Remote Visitors to Stay with the Temporary Resident Visa
Europe has begun opening its doors to the digital nomad — a remote worker, typically from a Western country, who’s employment was temporarily shifted to at-home due to the pandemic — and... MORE
Furniture Brand Apparel Lines
Furniture Brand Apparel Lines
The IKEA Apparel Line is Made for the People of Tokyo
The IKEA apparel line is yet another bold venture from the furniture giant who has conquered almost every category possible. This is the “first-ever,” “self-designed” range... MORE