'Landing Pages' Aim to Ease the Tension of Flying

 - May 22, 2018
References: landingpages.nyc & psfk
Planes and airports aren't the most relaxing environments, so LaGuardia's Marine Terminal implemented an anxiety-reducing, story-telling program entitled 'Landing Pages' to help travelers ease the tension of flying.

Landing Pages consists of a series of short stories which can be accessed through a traveler's smart device and played in-flight. The stories, which are narrated by Lexie Smith and Gideon Jacobs are recited to passengers as the plane descends -- a time which often causes tension, pain and even fear among some flyers.

Consumers can select from a range of stories, which include poetry, fiction and illustration. Each story was designed with the intention of reducing anxiety to improve the overall experience of flying.

Image credit: man listening to music with headphones from GaudiLab