- Dec 9, 2018
These gift ideas for travelers are designed to aid jet-setting friends and family members in making their experiences run smoothly. Comfort is often an element that is given up when one travels frequently, and these ideas are crafted to adapt seamlessly to the busy lifestyle to allow them to bring comfort along.

The 'Trtl' pillow solves the sore neck problem that comes with sleeping upright when one is in transit on the plane or on a long bus ride. It incorporates a design that is scientifically proven to support the wearer's neck and relieves pain or discomfort as it molds accordingly. The 'ForwardX CX-1' suitcase is another great gift idea as it eases travelers' need to lug their suitcases around with them -- this is programmed to follow its owner. It is described to be a "self-driving carry-on" and it uses an angle lens of 170 degrees, facial recognition programs, and wristband tracker to follow the owner or notify them when it is not in range.

From Ergonomic Upright Travel Pillows to Self-Driving Suitcases: