The 'Trtl Pillow' Offers Superior Support for Your Neck

 - Mar 1, 2018
References: tuvie
Trying to sleep on a plane ultimately means that your neck will become crooked to one side after you fall asleep and subsequently cause discomfort upon waking, so the 'Trtl Pillow' is here to help eliminate this from occurring.

Featuring a scientifically proven neck support, the unit incorporates a wrapping design that can be positioned onto your neck however tightly or loosely you desire to instantly offer a bit of support. You can then drift off to sleep when onboard or in the terminal without having to worry that you'll spill over into the seat beside you in the process.

The 'Trtl Pillow' is ultra-lightweight and acknowledges the increasing number of consumers who are partaking in travel, which is subsequently increasing the market for on-the-road products.