- Jan 27, 2018
From hyper-targeted neighborhood marketing campaigns to wanderlust-inspired jewelry collections, the top 2018 world trends reveal that consumers today are adopting the mindsets of both local and global citizens. Around the world, consumers are taking on new travel experiences, such as urban camping experiences from Dutch sharing economy start-up Campspace and Whistler's Pangea Hotel, which introduces the pod hotel experience (which was popularized in Japan) to Canada.

As a means of addressing concerns over a lack of land space, as well as providing novelty and luxurious experiences to consumers, developers are introducing forward-thinking concepts, many of which are centered around water. In the coming years, construction of the Seasteading Institute's world's first floating water city will commence in French Polynesia, along with Dubai's 'Floating Venice' luxury resort.

From Hyper-Local Alcohol Campaigns to Floating Water Cities: