The Mizukami Hotel at Huis Ten Bosch Puts Guests on the Sea

Those looking for a hotel experience that is unlike the ordinary will find the Mizukami Hotel at Huis Ten Bosch sleeping capsules to be a truly unexpected new attraction. The Mizukami Hotel rooms consist of floating capsule hotel rooms that allow up to four guests to enjoy comfortable amenities while floating on the sea.

The hotel sleeping capsules offer 38-square meters of living space that includes beds, showers and toilets to ensure that guests can enjoy the amenities of suites on land. The hotel suite is purported to offer stunning views and enable guests to feel transported to a completely ethereal experience at a cost of between $260 and $330 per night.

The Mizukami Hotel at Huis Ten Bosch is expected to launch by the end of 2017 with two units to serve guests.