From Mathematical Desktop Toys to Versatile Urban Backpacks

 - Jan 14, 2018
As the 2017 design ideas listed here show, design is ubiquitous. It inhabits nearly everything that people engage with on a daily basis, from the moment they rise in the morning until they fall asleep at night. Considering this breadth, it should come as no surprise that the products in this list have also been designed to fulfill a host of different tasks and objectives, with the most creative and innovative ideas having risen to the fore.

Space in urban centers is increasingly at a premium, but designers have responded by making as much as possible spring from as little of possible through modular designs. One of the standout products from the past year was Boundary's Prima Pack System, a modular series of bags that gives consumers a commuter backpack, travel bag, camera case, and more within a single unit.

Flexible design has also made its way into the structure of people's rooms as a whole. The Ori system is a completely robotic set of cabinetry and furniture that adapts and organizes itself to fit the changing needs of its occupants.