The Floating Lamp Magnetically Hovers from Its Base

 - Aug 9, 2017
References: richardclarkson & newatlas
The Floating Lamp stands as an example of functional home decor that sparks the imagination without serving as a gimmicky or novelty product.

Brooklyn-based designer Richard Clarkson has been experimenting with lamp design for several years with projects that range from uncomplicated lampshades to immersive installations that act as audiovisual representations of a Thunder Cloud. The Floating Cloud is Clarkson's latest iteration of his collection of artificial clouds. The magnetically levitating lamp provides a calming ambiance in any room, while hovering 2.75 inches from its base. The light source is sound-responsive and embedded with LED lights that change color in response to voices or music.

The pieces are crafted to act more as art than lighting, however their functional and aesthetically pleasing design makes for a product that serves a dual purpose.