From Activist-Friendly Hotels to Card Game Holiday Campaigns

 - Jan 28, 2018
Activism trends in 2017 have afforded those who are involved in social justice or environmental campaigns a diverse range of options when it comes to supporting their beliefs and the causes or businesses that align with those beliefs.

Thanks to social media and its ability to join people together, there are now a vast number of spaces – both digital and in the physical world – in which activists are able to collect and mobilize in order to achieve their various goals. Examples from this past year include the Eaton Hotel, a space designed specifically for activists to gather in, and the Social Action Project, which analyzes the emojis that people use on Facebook to determine which causes they might want to align themselves with.

With the United States' recent political turmoil and controversies, brands are beginning to do their part in contributing to positive changes in the country's political and social spheres. Examples include 'Cards Against Humanity Saves America' and 'Trump Paper' – a toilet paper brand created by Antonio Battaglia that donates money to migrants and individuals who have been deported from the U.S.