Sebastian Errazuriz Created a Graffiti-Covered Sculpture in Protest

 - Oct 6, 2017
References: dezeen
After Snapchat released an augmented reality version of Jeff Koons' famous 'Balloon Dog' sculpture, artist Sebastian Errazuriz took umbrage and created a graffiti-covered version of the sculpture in protest. Snapchat released AR sculpture by pinning the digital manifestation to geographical locations like New York's Central Park, and so Errazuriz placed his ersatz AR sculpture in the exact same location, forcing users to see his tagged up version alongside the pristine original.

According to Errazuriz, the graffiti-covered sculpture is a protest against massive conglomerates and corporations colonizing the invisible, digital world of augmented reality. The AR space has the potential to unlock an entirely new world, with every square inch open to representation through the screen. Corporations have the leg up in this digital domain, but Errazuriz hopes to show the importance of tipping the scales.