- Jul 27, 2018
Brand engagement campaigns go a long way in establishing a healthy relationship between the provider and the consumer. Seeing that society is currently in the midst of a digital revolution, it is important for companies to focus their marketing efforts on relevant technologies. Thus, with reference to the current state of affairs, social media engagement campaigns are incredibly popular.

While some companies have a more traditional approach to branding initiatives like selfie-promoting and hashtag-based promotions, others have a more progressive attitude. During the World Cup, for example, Sweedish company Norrlands Guld printed real-time tweets on the foam of its beer. Fashion brands, on the other hand, rely on a fully digital influencer — Lil Miquela, to spark buzz around their clothing and other companies like American Express create totally interactive social media engagement campaigns with irresistible and artistic photo opportunities.

From Beer-Tweeting Soccer Campaigns to Branded Avatar Outfits: