Burger King Treated a Facebook Fan to His Own Burger King Restaurant

 - Dec 22, 2017
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To reward its biggest fan on Facebook who left more than 600 comments on its Facebook page, Burger King decided to gift an entire Burger King restaurant to its super fan.

Sullyvan, Burger King's biggest Facebook fan, was treated to a gift-wrapped Burger King location that was rebranded as the "Home of Sullyvan K." Beyond this, Burger King also provided him with his own special parking space, table, plastic tray and even a personalized Whopper box and napkins. To top it all off, Sullyvan also received a card that grant him and his guests access to free meals at the chain.

As many big Burger King fans will be wishing they were in Sullyvan's place, Burger King is launching a competition to get more fans to comment on its social media shares and reward them with a year's worth of Burger King.