- May 14, 2018
Customized fashion is on the rise as individuals seek more personal experiences with brands. In other words, instead of blatantly reflecting the style of the label, consumers want to see themselves integrated into the design.

The possibilities that are offered by brands that value the customized fashion experience differ across the spectrum. While some boast simple monogram options like Bclaire's initialed baskets, others have a full-on consumer-design system — ROAM's digitally personalized luxury luggage, for example. Brands like OFF-WHITE and Converse have a time limit on their customized fashion processes with occasional pop-up events, which have a more exclusive touch.

Although some approaches to customized fashion can prove to be more successful than others, surely even a simple monogram will make the customer feel more connected to the purchased item.

From Customized Dog Socks to Personalized Luxury Luggage: