The Brooches by Boume Jewelry are Tailored to Fit Men and Women

 - Mar 14, 2018
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The luxurious statement brooches by Boume Jewelry are a unisex accessory that boasts an 18 karat gold finish. The products are available with a yellow, white or rose gold exterior. They are also fully customizable, as consumers have the option to select small cubic beads that boast a numeric, graphic or letter design that is enamelled in a spectrum of colors. From the Batman logo and the marijuana leaf to the heart and arrangements that spell out "LOVE," there really is no limit to how one can personalize their own gold statement brooch.

To optimize the impact of the individual's visual creation, the cubes come in two different sizes. Boume Jewelry's statement brooch seems to draw inspiration from the iconic Tiffany charm bracelets, but in an adorably luxurious accessory pin silhouette.