- Jan 12, 2019
Many of these 2018 jewelry trends all share a commonality, which is their intricate craftsmanship. The beautiful jewelry is carefully designed from angles that highlight a variety of different components. Some are centric to sustainability, others focus on visual aesthetics, and some have an alternative social purpose.

An example is the special ring by Jony Ive and Marc Newson for (RED). The special jewelry is designed to raise money towards eliminating HIV/AIDS in eight different African countries. The overall design of the piece is inspired by the look of an Apple MacBook, drawn from Ive's experience in designing the technology. The ring is constructed from solid diamond materials and represents a progressive alternative purpose that is separate from aesthetics.

Another great jewelry idea is the 'Regalia' collection be Louis Vuitton -- it is comprised of designs that pay homage to past eras. The pieces are intricately designed with impeccable details. The highlighting element is the force behind it all, with the jewelry designed to bring a sense of empowerment to women. Each piece is constructed from metal, stones, and diamonds, fusing Victorian and contemporary designs.

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