Dell Partnered with Nikki Reed to Create a Dell Jewelry Collection

 - Jan 10, 2018
References: bgr
One of the most shocking introductions at CES 2018 was announced by computer company Dell as it introduced a Dell jewelry collection. Using old computers, Dell created a collection of gold jewelry from parts such as the motherboard. In partnership with actress Nikki Reed, Dell designed the line entitled 'Bayou with Love' as a limited-edition jewelry collection. All of the pieces are developed in the US and the collection features rings, earrings, and cufflinks that range from 14-18 carats.

The materials used have a much better environmental footprint than traditionally mined gold by 99%, through the gold reclamation process from both Dell and Wistron GreenTech. Not only is the computer company crafting gold jewelry from its old computers, but have announced that its using materials from new electronics as well, aiming to utilize its "closed loop gold process" to create a mass amount of motherboards within the upcoming year.

By 2020, Dell envisions recycling over 100 million pounds of gold and various materials. Working towards this goal, Dell has already recycled over 50 million pounds of materials since 2012.