- Dec 16, 2018
Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and these gamer-focused gift ideas are sure to put a smile on the face of any avid video game enthusiast.

Retro gaming has come back in full force this year and while there are plenty of offerings to help catch a sense of nostalgia, one of the most impressive devices is the PlayStation Classic. Modeled after the original PlayStation gaming console, this unique offering is 45% smaller than the original and features an HDMI port to connect to modern TVs. The retro console also comes bundled with two controllers, a virtual memory card, and 20 games pre-installed onto the console.

Also included on this list is the Fallout Cookbook. Inspired by the iconic Fallout series, this cookbook lets any gamer recreate classic recipes from the series. All recipes take inspiration from the video game series and include modified recipes for Deathclaw Omelets, Mole Rat Wonder Meat, Brahmin Fries, Baked Bloatfly, and Nuka Cola.

From eSports-Focused Food to Plug-and-Play Gaming Devices: