The Librarian Fuses Puzzles and Exploration with the Paranormal World

 - Apr 17, 2018
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The Librarian puts players in the titular role of a library keeper set to protect a space fraught with paranormal presences and brain testing puzzles. Developed by Octavi Navarro, creator of Midnight Scenes, Pixel Huh and the artist for Thimbleweed Park and Photographs, this new title masterfully blends atmosphere and gameplay to create a unique world and experience. The pixel art used in The Librarian is used incredibly to create a vividly dark world that both terrifies and inspires striking beauty.

Players in The Librarian will take on the role of Liz. Liz is the keeper of an ancient library and her tasks extend beyond referencing books, as she must watch over the library and the creatures that inhabit it. Players will need to explore the darkest corners of the library, collect items and figure out a way to bring items together and forge a way forward.