- May 27, 2018
The top May 2018 games explore everything from mixed-reality formats to how certain parts of the real world can be gamified to make it a better place. In the same way that many gamers put a great deal of care into creating the perfect hardware setups for play, personalization is also a key theme that's now allowing gamers to receive highly tailored tips from a voice assistant companion.

A new wave of games is emerging that encourages introspection, anxiety relief and even projects for the greater good. This year for Earth Day, the location-based nature of Pokemon Go was leveraged for garbage collection event and at the same time, provided rewards for participating fans.

Recently, Snapchat launched 'Snappables' as a series of in-app AR games that can be played with friends, adding a new layer of interactivity to its classic lenses.

From Gamified AR Lenses to Haptic Feedback Jackets: