'Spectrum Break' Tasks Players with Thinking Outside the Box

 - Apr 5, 2018
References: spectrumbreak & indiegames
'Spectrum Break' is a uniquely free-form platformer that offers up stylish gameplay across zero-gravity neon worlds. This unique zero-gravity aspect means that all movements reshape the level and offers up thoughtful gameplay, as players continually reshape and reform the world around them. These shifting levels provide a considerable challenge, but the gameplay in Spectrum Break is designed to be free-form and allows players to tackle all situations in a way that makes sense to them.

Unlike traditional platformers, Spectrum Break doesn't challenge players with a story, exit or a gauntlet of nightmarish traps. Instead, the goal is to light each block in a stage with neon by surfing and jumping across them. Each jump will shift the layout of the pieces, but certain blocks can launch players in a specific direction and can cause shifts in unexpected ways. Spectrum Break is currently available on Steam and can be played on either PC or MAC.