Dead in Vinland Builds an Impressive World With Engaging Characters

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: store.steampowered & indiegames
At its core, Dead in Vinland is a management game, but thanks to an engrossing Nordic narrative, survival elements and a turn-based combat system, this indie game manages to carve out a unique and interesting niche. Developed by CCP, this survival management game places players in a rich Nordic landscape and tasks them with surviving on unknown shores. Game play segments are split into three phases, two of which can be spent on various activities, with the last being for relaxation, nourishment and sharing stories around the fire. Some of the activities that must be accomplished to survive in Dead in Vinland include delegating activities, exploring the island, gathering resources and developing new activities.

The key to survival will be the management of all these tasks and each character in the game is best suited towards specific tasks. While players will only begin with a small encampment, they will eventually be joined by other ragged survivors. These characters are fully fleshed out within the story and world of Dead in Vinland and their existence and traits make it hard to ever abandon them.