The InnerFriend Explores Haunted Memories in Tainted Worlds

 - Apr 9, 2018
References: mspoweruser & bloody-disgusting
Taking inspiration from 80s horror films and Stanley Kubrick, The InnerFriend is an upcoming horror game that plays off psychology and memories. Debuted at PAX 2018 by Montreal-based studio Playmind, this unique horror experience is the first official release for the developer and already shows incredible promise as a terrifying adventure. The game is set to release in September 2018 and will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Players in The InnerFriend will face a mysterious and nightmare-inducing world, all while being guided by a mysterious shadow. The horrors are meant to be a representation of the shadow's memories and the player must survive and restore fragmented and distraught childhood memories. Players will face subconscious fears and will not only repair the world around them but also make sense of the nightmarish scenes. Playmind hopes that The InnerFriend will resonate with fears held by people of all backgrounds.