'The Spectrum Retreat' is a Full Version of the BAFTA-Awarded Title

 - Apr 5, 2018
References: ripstone & engadget
In 2016, Dan Smith, an 18-year-old game designer, won a prestigious BAFTA Young Game Developers Award for his work on a game called 'The Spectrum Retreat'. Now, thanks to a partnership with Ripstone Games, Smith is releasing a full version of that engaging first-person puzzle game on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The Spectrum Retreat's narrative takes place in an eerily empty, mid-century modern hotel called The Penrose. Players need to solve a series of chromatic puzzles and physics-based challenges in order to learn more about the hotel and the reason they're staying there in the first place.

While the game mechanics in the upcoming, professional release look to be much the same as in Smith's first, precocious title, the collaboration with Ripstone's artists, programmers, and writers appears to have produced an engrossing and engaging narrative as well. The combination of ingenious puzzles and engaging narrative bring to mind games like 'Portal'.