- Dec 15, 2018
This eclectic list of sci-fi gift ideas covers all possible interests of the dedicated fantasy lover. The suggestions cover a variety of industries — from furniture and fashion to gaming and toys.

Although packed with plenty of products inspired by intergalactic franchises like Star Wars, technological advancements put a focus on the futuristic for the fashion industry as well. As a result, high-end labels like Moschino, Maison Margiela, and Alexander Wang are drawing inspiration from the fantastical universe of science fiction to produce design-forward silhouettes that are a nod to the tech-infused future. The ready-to-wear collections in this sci-fi gift ideas list are a luxe option for the fashionably minded individual.

On the streetwear front, on the other hand, contemporary label UNDERCOVER taps into the iconic Kubrick masterpiece '2001: Space Odyssey' for a stunning, astronaut-inspired capsule for the Fall/Winter 2018 season.

From Intergalactic Franchise Robot Toys to Drone-Navigating Sci-Fi Games: