Signalis Blends the Supernatural into a Mysterious Sci-Fi Setting

 - Jun 8, 2018
References: & indiegames
'Signalis' is a unique game in many ways but its ability to blend Lovecraftian elements with sci-fi survival horror makes it stand out from the hordes of indie horror games. The plot of Signalis places players in control of a "Replika" that has crash landed on a mysterious planet. Players will then need to explore the abandoned facilities of the planet as haunting visions and discordant memories pop up on the player's screens.

Gameplay in this sci-fi survival horror are quite old-school and differ from the more action-oriented styles of horror seen in contemporary gaming. Resource management and tense combat will have players constantly on their toes, while exploration and puzzle solving eloquently lead to the next encounter. These gameplay elements are tied wonderfully into the tense nature of the narrative and leave players feeling the same fear the lead protagonist must face.