Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit is Packed with 600 Questions

 - Aug 17, 2018
References: entertainmentearth & technabob
The Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit board game has been developed as the ultimate pastime for avid fans of the absurdist science fiction cartoon to let them match up against other fans, friends or family.

Containing 600 specific questions about the show itself, the various categories include Technology & Science, Frienemies, Rick and the Family, Locations, History & Events and even the Wubalubadubdub Wild Card. The compact pastime comes with only the essentials including the cards themselves, a storage box and a die with players required to use their own game board and player pieces.

The Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit board game is suitable for two or more players and is suggested for players aged 17 and up given the "mature" nature of the content.