- Dec 15, 2018
Purchasing a gift for a girlfriend can be a difficult task as one typically wants to find something that's equal parts practical, romantic and thoughtful, which is why this list of girlfriend gift ideas is sure to offer some inspiration.

The gift of makeup is also a safe bet, as even those with the simplest routines can appreciate it. Minimalists would enjoy any lip color from Caryl Baker Visage's 'Island Heat Collection,' as the vitamin-enriched ingredients can help keep one's lips replenished throughout the harsh winter months.

Most people are looking to stay warm this winter season, so this list includes a selection of products to help one get cozy. Recently, Sheets & Giggles released a sustainable Eucalyptus bed sheet that's as comfortable as it is breathable, making for a gift one probably wouldn't get for themselves.

From Personalized Lollipops to Cozy App-Paired Blankets: