's 'Gold Bump Mug' has 22-Karat Accents

 - May 15, 2018
References: bando
The 'Gold Bump Mug' from, a design studio and retailer based out of Portland, Oregon, is a combination of luxury and cuteness. The mug looks almost kitschy thanks to its raised yellow polka dots, but those lumps are actually finished with a fine line of 22-karat gold detailing, making it just as classy as it is silly.

The yellow and gold protrusions pop off the pink of the mug in a cartoonish fashion, and that playfulness is continued with the shape of the mug's handle. The handle is exaggeratedly long in comparison to its width, which makes the mug look even sillier. Anyone who might be quick to derision can make note of the pure gold detailing though, and they'll likely change their tune.