- Dec 15, 2018
The round-up of gifts for art lovers features some high-tech educational tools, some cool and useful drawing utensils, as well as some creativity celebrating collectibles.

Creative stores are a go-to when on the hunt for a thoughtful gift. Yet, it helps to have a little bit of understanding of what the options there are. Sure, the high-precision Micron pens are a safe choice when buying for an artist but with the advancement of digital tech and the flourishing of digital art as a result, the available options expand.

The Harry Potter Light Painting Wand, for example, is one of the unique gifts for art lovers that will help individuals experiment and redefine their style. For those who want to stick to traditional techniques, cap-free sketching utensils like the Airless Pen ensure that one no longer has to worry about losing caps.

From Magical AR Light Wands to Pressure-Sensitive Designer Tablets: