Evodesk's Whiteboard DeskShield Lets Creatives Brainstorm Without Getting Up

 - May 12, 2017
References: evodesk
Creatives and visually driven people need ample space to sketch out their ideas, and sometimes their desk tops just aren't enough on their own -- so Evodesk's Whiteboard DeskShield has turned the desk itself into a space for sketching, ideating, and brainstorming. The Whiteboard DeskShield is exactly what its name implies: a whiteboard covering over one's desk, giving creatives loads more space to record whatever strikes them.

Just like a whiteboard up on the wall, Evodesk's Whiteboard DeskShield is fully erasable when one draws on it with a dry erase marker (Evodesk recommends using Avery or Expo brand markers for the best results.) Further, the desk top serves as a durable protective layer that keeps desks safe from abrasion, chemicals, UV exposure, and the general daily chaos of a creative person's work life.