From Collapsible Work Desks to Self-Inflating Lounge Seats

 - Jun 25, 2017
As the June 2017 design trends reveal, the rise of small-space living is radically changing modern design. Whether it is our workspace or our home, there is a growing emphasis on compact and modular products that conform to smaller spaces.

When it comes to indoor products, the June 2017 design trends suggest a greater demand for flexible products that can be adjusted to suit different spaces. One example of this kind of flexible design is the Foundry Desk, which can be collapsed and assembled in just a few minutes, making it easy to store.

However, it is not just indoor products that are conforming to small-space living. Indeed, with many consumers finding themselves with small balconies instead of full backyards, there is a demand for outdoor products that are compact, yet fully functional. One example is the Coolado inflatable lounger, which can be inflated and deflated to provide seating only when needed.