Jonny Niesche's Reflective Mirror Sculptures Turn Viewers into Art

 - May 1, 2017
References: jonnyniesche
Sydney-born artist Jonny Niesche blurs the lines of abstract art by creating pieces that blend sculpture and painting. Turning mirrors and cold metals into a canvas, Niesche plays with vibrant colors to invite the audience to recast their relationship with art, light and color.

In a recent project called 'Picture This,' Niesche suspends a rotating mirror a few feet off the ground. As it turns, the audience is exposed to its two sides: one which is painted a solid color and the other, a mirror which reflects back onto the viewer.

The use of mirrors welcomes the viewer to reassess their role as both the subject and object of his work. A more interactive and participatory experience is created for the audience as a result of Niesche's strategic use of color, material and design, which places them at the center of the sculpture.