From Technology-Focused Furniture to Personalized Bathroom Faucets

 - May 28, 2017
As the May 2017 modern trends reveal, contemporary design doesn't have to be impractical. In fact, many of today's sleek and abstract pieces are actually highly functional.

While modern furniture of the past may have been more for decorative purposes than anything else, today's pieces are not just comfy, but also functional. For example, the Sitland Cell furniture pieces are specially designed to provide users with privacy while using their digital devices. Another example is the Tabula Sense smart desk, which can plays music and charge a smartphone.

Of course, contemporary design is not just limited to the home. As the May 2017 modern trends reveal, public places are now home to many of these highly functional, modern pieces. This includes pieces such as the Sea Cloud sculpture, which provides seating in the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and Toshiba's new smart LED spotlight, which helps to illuminate museum artwork.