From VR-Powered Tech Boutiques to Interactive Candy Kiosks

 - Oct 26, 2017
These tech-embedded retail displays range from connected candy kiosks to VR-powered tech boutiques. When looking at immersive retail, customization is more important than ever when looking to garner the attention of Millennials. Examples like PERCH Interactive's connected cosmetics, denim, and wine displays help consumers personalize their purchase while offering product data and origin details.

In addition to physical retail displays that are powered by a tech component, other standouts include virtual reality shopping experiences that recreate store interiors and merchandising in a digital space. The 'Chevrolet V-Showroom' app works as a virtual dealership that was launched to showcase the brand's Chevy Cruze auto. The platform is easily accessible via most mobile devices, making the process of buying a car more enjoyable and convenient for everyone.