Cloverleaf's shelfPoint System Detects Purchasing Patterns

 - Mar 16, 2017
References: & martechtoday
Retail tech firm Cloverleaf specializes in creating immersive and intuitive in-store displays and its latest shelfPoint system aims to take grocery shopping to new heights. Equipping supermarket shelves with intuitive LCD displays, Cloverleaf showcases product info and branding while simultaneously gathering information about consumers' reactions to certain products.

The smart in-store shelving add-on works to digitally track consumers' spending habits and alerts them if a product they are seeking is out of stock. For example, those seeking a particular soda flavor that is unavailable are given a message telling them when that particular item is set to be restocked.

Powered by portable 4G media players, shelfPoint is easy to set up and makes supermarket trips a more personalized experience for shoppers. "The intent is to provide miniaturized visual marketing campaigns to attract the shopper," said Cloverleaf founder and CEO Gordon Davidson when describing the new merchandising concept.