- Oct 27, 2017
These narrative retail displays range from candy brand product galleries to interactive gaming kiosks that spotlight product information in a unique, and engaging way. Consumers' growing desire for sensory and experiential shopping has lead many brands to incorporate workshops, and storytelling merchandising into their brick-and-mortar locations.

Standouts include grocery chain Waitrose's in-Store shelving which is accented with recipe cards that inspire shoppers to cook with fresh product at home. Additionally, examples like The Body Shop's Bond Street flagship in London feature ingredient-inspired imagery that adorn outdoor store windows. This focus on fresh and natural ingredients enforces the brand's core values while drawing visitors in with bright colors and visuals.

Other narrative retail displays to take note off include the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, Connecticut, which doubles as an interactive candy shop, and product gallery. In addition to sampling the brand's tasty products, visitors can take their family on a heritage tour spotlighting the history of PEZ and its many collectible dispensers.

From Candy Brand Product Galleries to Interactive Gaming Displays: