This Winestore Features Clever Signage and an Interactive Tasting Station

 - Jan 12, 2016
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This Winestore location was developed to enhance the experience of purchasing wine, making the task both accessible and fun. While the sophistication of wine culture is often seen as intimidating to many consumers, this shop uses bold graphic design and casual language to relate with all audiences. For example, there are a number of hot pink signs to look out for around the store, which suggest different types of wine that are suited to scenarios like Date Night, a Girl's Night Out, or a "Loose Change" or "Tax Refund" budget.

While this kind of signage definitely helps with product discovery, another feature of the space, 'Enoround,' takes this process further. Enoround is a computerized tasting station that's a central fixture in the space. At this feature, consumers are able to purchase a pre-paid card, which allows them to sample up to 20 different wines at a time.