From Hammock-Filled Juiceries to Luxury Designer Clothing Stores

 - Jan 28, 2017
When designing retail spaces, brands have the luxury of being as creative as they want within their budgets – and the top 2016 retail trends are certainly no exception. Some of the more prominent trends that could be observed this year are retail spaces that cater to Millennials, and unique designer stores.

The 'Hammock Juice Station' in Barcelona, Spain is designed just as its named suggests. The nutritious juice store offers seating arrangements in the form of hammocks, benches and cushions and was created as such to draw in Millennials.

While luxury stores are not unusual, seeing them become more creative with their designs is something that has been popping up more in the past year. One such example is the new Acne Studios flagship in New York City, which was designed with semi-precious stones encrusted in its floors and walls.

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