The PizzaExpress Brand Packaging Creates a Unified Vision

Created to help the brand's retail products correlate more closely to the restaurant, the PizzaExpress brand packaging focuses on bold aesthetics and artisanal qualities.

Established brands that offer offshoot products in retail locations are often faced with a question: should the packaging reflect the master brand identity or be an entirely different vertical? The approach taken with the PizzaExpress packaging focuses on adopting the same boldness that the restaurant is known for and catching eyes with color, typography and quality goods.

The PizzaExpress brand packaging is the work of design Agency Bulletproof who said, "We wanted to approach the redesign from a completely fresh and revolutionary angle and make the most of the iconic assets that PizzaExpress had. We decided to take the PizzaExpress branding and use it in an unapologetic, heroic way. We introduced bold, handwritten typography for added authenticity, which also serves to achieve clear navigation across the range."