From Freshness-Focused Coffee Bags to Luxe Tea Vessels

 - Mar 10, 2017
These home-brewed drink packaging examples range from freshness-preserving coffee bags to luxe tea vessels that make the act of beverage preparation an elegant experience.

Standouts include Amcor's 'Vento' coffee bags that are designed to feature a special venting technology, allowing beans to breathe and maintain freshness. Additional examples to take note of include caffeinated adult popsicles that offer an edible alternative to one's morning cup of coffee. Brewla's ice pops in particular boast a rich coffee taste and are an ideal substitute for an iced coffee beverage on warm, summer days.

Additional examples to take note of include cartoned cold brews that can be enjoyed while on the go and squeeze-friendly tea bags that ensure maximum flavor while minimizing steeping time.