KOLLO's Luxury Teas are Bottled in Tall, Elegant Glasses

 - Dec 29, 2016
References: thedieline
When one thinks of tea, one might be reminded of stout teacups or words like "cozy" and "comforting," but the packaging for luxury teas from KOLLO adopts an entirely different look than most teabags or other conventional methods of selling tea.

KOLLO's assortment is made from a base of classic tea leaves, such as black, green and oolong, which are consciously farmed and cultivated from whole, fresh and single-sources. In order to extract the most flavor from the leaves, KOLLO uses a twenty-four hour, small-batch cold-brewing technique and does not add any preservatives, flavorings or sweeteners to its luxury tea drinks.

In order to showcase just how it sets itself apart as a producer of luxury teas, KOLLO uses simple, elegant and contemporary bottles that remind of the tall, slender containers that wine is typically sold in.