From Cold Brew Tea Juices to Nitrogen-Infused Cans

 - Oct 6, 2017
For non-coffee drinkers, these ready-made chilled teas offer a convenient caffeine boost, in a manner that doesn't compromise taste.

These tea concoctions include more traditional blends, like Rooibos' bottled beverages, which feature familiar flavors like lemon or black current. Other companies take a more experimental approach, like LION's 'Botanical Beverages,' which infuses its teas with a detoxifying dandelion-based blend. Other unexpected experiences include the Nitro Brew Co. nitrogen-infused cans, which offer the drinker an unusual fizzy sensation.

Some of the teas offer the consumer unique health benefits as well, such as Role's inflammation-fighting tea beverages, which can encourage the drinker to fight off bodily discomfort while on-the-go without having to ingest medical or unsavory flavors.

These examples of ready-made chilled teas represent the beverage's transition from a comforting, at-home treat, to an on-the-go must-have.