Wise Mouth's Teas from Health Draw Inspiration from Chinese Medicine

 - Jul 26, 2017
References: wise-mouth & bevnet
For the creation of is bottled tea beverages, 'Wise Mouth' is a brand that looks to the past for inspiration. Specifically, the brand pulls wisdom from ancient Chinese medicine to craft revitalizing drinks like Long Life Ginger Pu-Erh Tea and Chrysanthemum Romance Tea.

True to tradition, the beverages are made with simple ingredients. In the case of the calming, yet energizing, Cranberry Jasmine Green Tea, the product is made with water, tart cranberries, dried jujube, dried green jasmine tea leaves, dried goji berries and crystallized brown sugar as a sweetener.

As well as taking inspiration from medicinal Chinese remedies, each beverages is attached to a story that tells more about Wise Mouth owner and founder Lei Nichols, who learned about Chinese tea from her parents and grandparents.