From Mess-Free Egg Peelers to Multi-Dish Meal Cookers

 - Jan 6, 2018
From mess-free egg peelers to multi-dish cooking tools, the top 2017 kitchen trends reveal the need for both niche and multipurpose tools in the homes of today's consumers.

While minimalism remains ever-popular, it seems that many consumers are still reaching for specific tools that can help them carry out singular tasks. Whether it is a slicer that can cut a watermelon into 12 perfect segments, or a peeling device that easily removes the shell from hard-boiled eggs, it is clear that consumers are willing to spend on products that will save them from doing laborious kitchen tasks.

On the other hand, the top 2017 kitchen trends also reveal an emphasis on practicality -- making devices that can double-duty extremely popular. One perfect example is the Instant Pot, which is capable or preparing ingredients 10 different ways.