The All-Clad Prep & Cook Food Cooking Appliance Does it All

 - Mar 29, 2017
References: surlatable & uncrate
The All-Clad Prep & Cook food cooking appliance offers chefs the ability to prepare and cook dishes without having to shift between items in order to simplify the entire process.

The all-in-one All-Clad Prep & Cook is capable of chopping, stirring, mixing, kneading, whipping, cooking and even slow cooking to make virtually any meal or dish with total ease. A number of preprogrammed settings within the intuitive interface on the All-Clad Prep & Cook makes it possible to prepare and cook like never before without having to turn on the oven or head for the microwave.

The All-Clad Prep & Cook food cooking appliance comes packed with a recipe book that offers details on how to create over 300 recipes to ensure you're never at a loss for what to make next.